Nice to meet you. I'm Lara. A photographer, writer and creator. Thanks for dropping by.

The picture (above) of Doogi, Yeshi, Sangay and Tendi is from Bhutan, a tiny country with a big idea: that gross national happiness is more important than gross domestic product. It's a new series I'm working on to tell that story in Australia.

Photos. Video. Content.

Stories that connect.

And this pic of the kangas?

It was a part of a book to be given to welcome refugees in my community. The group behind Welcome to Eltham are an awesome bunch. We've been generating all sorts of content to harness the generosity of our community and build a positive conversation. Check out this video, a good example.

This is a big part of what I do: Find the story and the best way to tell it and then get creating.

Conversations are sparked and connections made.

That's the good stuff. 



Fisherman Oscar Sitau, Solomon Islands for Oxfam Australia.


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Ventana Latina street parade for Frankston City Council.

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