Joy and kisses

Thank you for asking me to capture your wedding. It was such a pleasure, joy and love were in abundance.

I thought I'd share just some of those moments that stood out for me.

It was so relaxed

I loved how welcomed I was when I arrived as Dylan and his best mates were getting ready. They were so relaxed, one of the first things Harley asked me was: "Can we strip off? We need some Aussie thunder!"

Shiv's caring nature

While she was getting ready, and throughout the wedding, Shiv just kept checking in and making sure everybody was looked after. 

Part of her nature, but perhaps, also, a cunning plan to deflect attention. 

Shiv's dad pride and happiness

Dickie's eyes just lit up when they saw Siobhan for the first time, and continued to shine for the rest of the wedding. 

There was buckets of love in the air

Helped, no doubt, by the perfect weather. But you know, it was the vibe.

The ceremony was perfect

It was the little things. Dylan's grin when he saw Shiv. The delight you both took in what you were doing. The glorious late afternoon sun. Familial high fives. The blessing of the rings and a your kiss-the-bride dip. The first of many of Dylan's spontaneous kisses.

Did I mention the sense of delight?

What a gorgeous group of friends and family you have

Kate and Adam's sweet tunes set the scene. The sun kissed the top of people's heads and children abounded. Literally. Everyone was relaxed, chilled and happy.

It was so much fun taking family pictures

Kinda chaotic -- there always a missing bridesmaid -- but it didn't matter. Everyone was wrangled, still smiling and there was such a twinkle of pride in everyone's eyes; a sense of belonging to something special.

We had time to get your playful (and romantic) wedding on

Saving a little extra for the beach, of course.

Bridesmaid gorgeousness

What a kind, supportive bunch of gals, except when they are they MIA for pictures, or topple over from too much... happiness?

All those little details ...

I love how long it took me to explain to my husband about your cool cake. "It was a cheese cake." Yeah... "No, it was a cake made of cheese". Yeah, a cheesecake. "Different cheeses, stacked on top" Okay, so in layers. One New York, one berry?

"Aaaagh! Look at this photo! See!"

Oooh. It's a cheese cake. That's so cool!

"I know, right?"

But my favourite details was the birthday wishes and space you made for Connor. Even if he found it just a little awkward.

The beach

If I captured even just a slice of the connection you guys had down here, then I am happy. Also: good job walking on those rocks in your shoes, Siobhan.

303_S&D wedding_2017_LR.jpg

One word: Shivillian. Too funny. Thanks Shane.

I fell in love with both your families, just a little bit. And the photo below? That's Siobhan's reaction to Dylan's speech.

Dancing goodness

It was a joy to take photographs for your both. Really. And I am glad there is only one shot that you look like empowered Indonesian farmers (did you spot it?)
You are such a beautiful couple and I wish you all the very best for the future.